Ansys Learning Forum Outage

During an outage of the Ansys Learning Forum select questions can be submitted to Ansys for response.

Due to the volume of requests normally handled via the Ansys Learning Forum we are limiting the direct responses to only urgent issues pertaining to software operation during the forum outage.  Specifically, all of the following details must apply:

  • Question is related to Installation, Licensing, or Configuration issues.

  • Question is urgent in nature and cannot wait until the forum is restored.

  • Email address for correspondence must be registered as an Ansys Support Coordinator (ASC) in the Ansys Customer Portal.

Once access to the Ansys Learning Forum has been fully restored please return there to post your question.

If the above conditions apply, submit your question here.

Ansys Lumerical

Customers using Ansys Lumerical may also email urgent questions to Please include the term “Ansys Learning Forum” in the subject line.