Optoelectronic Simulation with Ansys Lumerical

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Simulation Tools

Products that can be used for optoelectronic device simulation, independently or as part of multistep workflows for multi-physics problems:


2D finite difference optical mode solver


1D finite difference optical mode solver


2D/3D finite element semiconductor drift-diffusion solver, standard TCAD


Photonic circuit simulation with sophisticated laser models for standalone and coupled laser simulations


Specialized multi-quantum well gain and absorption solver


2D/3D finite element thermal solver


Our flagship 3D finite-difference time-domain Maxwell equation solver

We have various other tools that can be used, such as our thin film optical solver STACK and waveguide propagation solver EME. We also have a compact model compiler CMLC for automatic creation of photonic compact models. For more details about these products visit our pages www.lumerical.com and support.lumerical.com.